About D.O.G.

D.O.G was founded on Yahoo in September of 1999 by Bill Owen. D.O.G. stands for Dasher Owners Group but the group is not limited to Dasher owners only, enthusiasts of the B1 platform models of the Audi Fox, VW Dasher, and VW Passatt are just as welcome. All owners or enthusiasts of any forgotten or maligned VW or Audi models are welcomed into the community.

Once D.O.G. was established on Yahoo it grew rapidly. It was truly inspiring to see just how many diehards of our vehicles were really out there. This site was erected in the beginning of May when the Yahoo group had reached 46 members, 503 posts, and over 32,000 page views.

The drive behind this site came from Chris Roach who wrote me one day in May 2000 with a "wild hair" to establish some sort of Registry for our B1s. Well, being the hack that I am I just had to oblige. Enjoy, this is for the sharing of knowledge, joy, and the betterment of the B1.

Sir Audi Nutz

In the words of the mighty Bill Owen:

Home of the "B-1 BOMBERS." Although the Dasher is considered a performance "underdog" by the vw tuning community, this rare & endangered species has a home here at D.O.G. Please post your repair & tuning tips! We welcome new members, tell us about your car.